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Wood You Wear

Bob Gunther combines domestic and exotic hardwoods to craft a variety of personal accessories, including earrings, pendants , hair accents (barrettes, sticks and forks), cufflinks, tie clips, and wearable art pieces.  Bowls, spinning tops, twig vases, spurtles spoons and honey dippers are among his larger turned wood objects for the home.

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Anna Kliorikaitis



“Jewellery is such a joyful creative expression. The materials such as crystals, pearl, beads, silver and gold are so beautiful, they inspire me to create sculptured earrings, colourful bracelets and pendants that glitter. There is plenty of attention to detail and co-ordination to the patterns and arrangement of each finished piece. Yet, the joy of it all is in wearing the jewellery.“

Emily Griffin

Home Harmony offers artisan preserves. Crafted in the Forest City from local, sustainable ingredients, and made with love. A large selection of local jams, chutneys, mustards and pickled foods will be available. Great for gifts, or the local food lover!


Jean Chapple

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Jean begins with wire and polymer clay, sculpting and then painting face, hands and feet.  She then fashions a body and finally a costume, that may be constructed of new or reclaimed fabrics.  Found objects help to complere the picture.

Her new Little People include whimsical, pretty little ladies and, goths , and a few sea creatures. Lovely little faces to keep you company.